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Vintage Disneyana Collectables

Collecting Collectables have a large selection of vintage children’s annuals for sale which includes vintage Felix the Cat Annuals, vintage Dandy Annuals, vintage Rupert the Bear Annuals, vintage Rupert the Bear Collectables, vintage TV Annuals, vintage Film Annuals, and Other Children’s Annuals and Magazines.




Vintage Felix the Cat Annuals



Collecting Collectables has an excellent selection of vintage Felix the Cat annuals for sale.  The full names of these Felix annuals are Felix Adventures of the Film Cat annual.  These vintage Felix the Cat annuals include Felix the Cat Annual 1927, Felix the Cat Annual 1928, and Felix the Cat Annual 1929.  These vintage Felix the Cat annuals all have their Felix the Cat colour illustrations and contain numerous Felix the cat cartoon strips



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Rupert the Bear Rare Books, Annuals & Collectables



Collecting Collectables have for sale an excellent range of rare Rupert books and Rupert collectables for the ever popular character, Rupert the Bear (or Rupert Bear) created by Mary Tourtel.  Currently we have some of the rarest and earliest Rupert the Bear books including: Mary Tourtel The Adventures of Rupert The Little Lost Bear 1921, Mary Tourtel Margot the Midget and the Little Bear’s Christmas 1922, The New Rupert Book 1946, Mary Tourtel Rupert Stories circa 1947, The Monster Rupert 1950, The New Rupert Book 1951, More Rupert Adventures 1952, Rupert Facsimile Annual 1948, Rupert Facsimile Annual 1951. Collecting Collectables have for sale an excellent range of rare Rupert collectables that includes Rupert the Bear Wedgwood Clock, Rupert the Bear Wedgwood Plate, Rupert the Bear Stamp Starter Pack, and Rupert the Bear Stamp Album


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Vintage Film and TV Annuals has for sale an excellent selection of collectable children’s annuals for sale from TV and Film to include: Popeye’s Cruise circa 1941, Popeye Annual 1960, Popeye Annual 1961, Junior Film Annual 1946 (with great early Walt Disney content!), The Batman Bumper Book 1970, Star Trek Giant in the Universe Pop-Up Book 1977, The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1978, The Flintstones Annual 1980, Doctor Who Discovers series of 6 Books; Doctor Who Annual 1978, Doctor Who Illustrated First Edition Book 1985


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Vintage Dandy Annuals



Collecting Collectables has a selection of rare and collectable Dandy annuals to include:


The Dandy Book 1956

The Dandy Book 1957

The Dandy Book 1959

The Dandy Book 1961

The Dandy Book 1966

The Dandy Book 1967






Other Children’s Annuals and Magazines have for sale a large and varied range of children’s annuals and magazines, including film, TV, pop and many others which evoke memories of films and television programmes of years gone by.  In the Children’s Annuals and Magazines section you will find the following: Look and Learn magazines from 1963, The Scout’s Pathfinder Annual 1972, Pink Annual 1978


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