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Popeye Annual Book 1960

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Popeye Annual Book 1960 is for sale. The Popeye Annual 1960 contains Popeye stories and Popeye cartoon strips that are brilliantly illustrated throughout with black and white illustrations, tinted illustrations, and full colour illustrations by Popeye illustrator George Cattermole.

Popeye Annual Book 1960 Popeye Annual Book 1960 Back Board Popeye Annual Book 1960 Popeye Annual Book 1960 Popeye Annual Book 1960 Popeye Annual Book 1960 Popeye Annual Book 1960

The Popeye Annual 1960 front board and back board illustrations are the same with Popeye standing in the water on a spinach crate, a man drowning in the water, and an RAF Rescue Helicopter hoisting a winch to save him. The Popeye Annual 1960 binding is in Near Mint condition with only the slightest of knocks to the corners.

The Popeye Annual 1960 has 78 numbered pages that are packed with stories and illustrations.  The front endpapers have a magnificent illustration which is also the Title Page to this collectable Popeye book.

There are numerous Popeye comic strips and stories contained in The Popeye Annual 1960. The pages are in Mint condition. This Popeye annual contains the Popeye characters such as Olive Oyl, Wimpy, Brutus, Sweet Pea and many other characters; with the stories bringing Popeye and his adventures up-to-date for the beginning of the 1960’s with the space race, etc.

Popeye Annual Book 1960 Spine