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Comic Books & Annuals Site Map

Comic Books & Annuals | Collecting Collectables

Comic Book Felix the Cat Annuals | Collecting Collectables

Felix the Cat Annual Book 1927 For Sale | Collecting Collectabes

Felix the Cat Annual Book 1928 | Collecting Collectables

The Felix the Cat Annual Book 1929 | Collecting Collectables

Rupert the Bear Books and Collectables | Collecting Collectables

Mary Tourtel The Adventures of Rupert The Little Lost Bear First Edition 1921

Mary Tourtel Book Rupert the Bear Book Margot the Midget and the Little Bear’s Christmas First Edition 1922

The New Rupert Book First Edition 1946

Mary Tourtel Book Rupert Stories First Edition circa 1947

Mary Tourtel Book The Monster Rupert Book First Edition 1950

Mary Tourtel The New Rupert Book First Edition 1951

Mary Tourtel Book More Rupert Adventures First Edition 1952

Rupert Annual 1948 Facsimile with Original Slipcase

Rupert Annual 1951 Facsimile with Original Slipcase & Certificate

Rupert the Bear Clock by Wedgwood 1988

Rupert the Bear Plate by Wedgwood 1988

Rupert the Bear Stamp Starter Pack 1993

Rupert the Bear First Day Cover Album with John Harrold Autograph 1993

Film & TV Annuals

Popeye’s Cruise Comic Book circa 1941

Popeye Annual Book 1960

Popeye Annual 1961

Film Annual Junior Film Annual 1946-1947

The Boys and Girls Cinema Clubs Annual Book 1954

Look and Learn Magazines No 53 Through to No 78 1963

Batman Bumper Book 1970

The Scout’s Pathfinder Annual Book with Dust Jacket 1972

The Wombles Pop-Up Book No 3 Published by Dean & Son Ltd 1976

The Six Million Dollar Man Annual Book 1978

Pink Annual Pop Book 1978

The Flintstones Family Cartoon Annual Book 1980

Doctor Who Discovers 6 Soft Cover Books 1975

Doctor Who Annual Book 1978

Doctor Who Illustrated A to Z First Edition Book 1985

Dandy Books

Dandy Book 1956

Dandy Book 1957

Dandy Book 1959

Comic Books and Annuals Site Map